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Petroecuador Test Summary

Petroecuador is the national oil company of the country of Ecuador. In October of 2003 Green Plus was tested over a period of 30  days. The test was done to show the efficacy of Green Plus in two scenarios, in stationary diesel engines and in diesel buses. The stationary engine test was performed on three Bazan Man  pump engines, used to pump fuel throughout Ecuador, and on two Chevrolet (Botar) Buses. The results of the stationary test (as shown in the graphs on this page) show that NOx was reduced by an average of 48.51%, Carbon Monoxide by 51.2%, and Sulfur Dioxide by 51.84%. The results of the bus tests (as shown on the next page) show a reduction in NOx of 53.3%, in Carbon Monoxide of 51.2%, and in Sulfur Dioxide of 21.3%.

  Petroecuador Test Results: Buses and Stationary Engines, Measured in Parts Per Million
Diesel Bus #PEJ 508 & 509  CO NOx SOx
Average baseline  1646.5 144.5 23.5
Average when treated with Green Plus  803.5 67.5 18.5
Percent Change 51.20% 53.29% 21.28%
Stationary pump engines 601-603  CO NOx SOx
Average baseline  357 572
Average when treated with Green Plus  174.5 294.5 72
Percent Change 51.12% 48.51% 51.84%


Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Diesel Fuel


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