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Arafura Test Results Summary

The Arafura, a container ship that sails from Australia to South Korea and back, was tested with Green Plus for fuel economy. The results of this test showed that Green Plus improved the economy of the container ship. When the product was taken out Arafura once again saw worse fuel economy, so Green Plus was reintroduced. Once this happened, the Arafura once again saw increased fuel economy.

Arafura Fuel Economy Test Results

 Prop Miles per Ton

Min Max Average % change
Baseline 1 6.260 6.684 6.504  
Green Plus Treatment 1 6.948 7.530 7.108 8.5%
Baseline 2 6.191 6.687 6.372 -11.6%
Green Plus Treatment 2 6.617 6.867 6.781 6.0%
Baseline 3 5.875 6.569 6.353 -6.7%

Green numbers indicate an improvement in fuel economy.
Red numbers indicate a decrease in fuel economy.


Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Marine Fuels


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