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Arafura Emissions Results Summary

The Arafura container ship was not only tested by Biofriendly for fuel economy, it was tested for change in emissions. The results showed that not only did Green Plus improve the NOx, Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter emissions of the ship, but while Green Plus was present, Arafura, maintained the same output of Sulfur Dioxide emissions, despite using a fuel with almost 40% more sulfur.

Arafura Emissions Test Results
Grams/Kw-H SOx NOx CO PM  Fuel Sulfur %
Baseline  9.42  18.48  0.43    0.50                2.3
Treated  9.43  14.43  0.40    0.44                3.2
% Change -0.1% 21.9% 7.0% 12.0% -39.1%


Selected Certified and Independent Test Results on Green Plus in Marine Fuels


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